Business Clients

  • The Video Interviewing Revolution

    Why spend hours when you can interview in minutes using Ledgent's exclusive VideoSelect™ technology?

    Most interviewers know within minutes of seeing a candidate whether they have the potential of being the right fit. So why waste time on unnecessary first interviews when you can screen several quality candidates in minutes and at your convenience?

    Click here to view recorded interviews or participate in a live interview.

    Committed to making life better, Ledgent has developed VideoSelect™, our exclusive and proprietary video interviewing system. Use the program free of charge to view 3-minute video clips of our best candidates, or conduct live interviews over the web.

  • Expedite® Client Extranet

    It's an exclusive, secure online portal to manage all your staffing needs. Access our proprietary online timecard, reports and order management systems by clicking the Expedite® folder tabs. It's a uniquely secure website exclusively for our clients and customized based on your unique log in.

    Centralized. Customized. Cool.

    Simply click and drag the tools that are most important to your staffing program and design your very own customized dashboard on our client website. Contact your Ledgent Manager to get set up and receive your username and password.

    What Can You Do With Expedite?

    • Staffing Orders & Approvals
    • Electronic Timecard System
    • Customized, Consolidated Invoicing
    • Customized Reports
    • Auto-Schedule Report Email Delivery
    • "Fingertip" Reports At-A-Glance

    All at no additional cost whatsoever. It's part of the service we provide as your staffing partner.

    Read more about our technology in our brochure »

  • Online Timecard

    Our clients told us what they wanted in an electronic timecard system for temporary employees. We listened... and created a proprietary system that's easy, fast and accurate, unlike any timecard technology ever developed.

    With Expedite® Timecard, you get the following benefits:

    No Need to Log In

    After our Ambassador submits his or her timecard, you receive an email alert and can easily approve the time entered by clicking a link in the email. No need to log in if you don't want to.

    Automatic Overtime Calculation

    The system calculates overtime hours across temporary assignments, per state and federal laws ensuring compliance and avoiding legal issues or fines

    Automated Reminders

    Receive an automated reminder when timecards are due.

    Online Approval

    You can also access all pending timecards by logging in from any computer, anywhere, anytime.

    Tabbed Status Browsing

    Use the tabbed interface to see timecards grouped by status (approved, pending or declined).

    Easy to Access

    No software is required – you just need an internet connection and a login to our customer extranet.

    Go Green!

    If reducing waste is part of your organization's goals, Expedite® is a great paperless solution. Unless you request to continue to have paper timecards attached to your invoices, Expedite® Timecards can be downloaded online – saving paper.

    Alternate Approver

    If you know you'll be unavailable before timecards are submitted, you can select an alternate approver at your company.

  • Management Reports

    Expedite® Reports is an easy-to-use and eminently useful online interface designed to increase program efficiencies, improve quality control, and reduce errors. You can also have critical reports auto-scheduled to be emailed to your inbox at a frequency of your choosing.

    Your Staffing Solution

    Expedite® allows you to manage your staffing programs by generating detailed reports, viewing and printing invoices, and even submitting payments via the Internet. We currently offer more than 20 standard reports, coupled with ad hoc reporting capability. Here are a few of the reports you can run:

    • Straight-Time Hours Billed by Department
    • Cost of Straight-Time Hours by Department
    • Overtime/Double Time Hours Billed by Department
    • Cost of Overtime/Double Time Hours by Department
    • Total Dollars Billed by Department
    • Affirmative Action
    • Total New Orders by Skill Classification
    • Fill Ratios by Service
    • Replacement Ratios
    • Customer Satisfaction (Quality) Evaluations
    • Subcontractor Expenditure Analysis
  • Online Ordering

    Place job orders quickly and effortlessly via the Internet. One of the many ways Ledgent makes life better for the people we serve is through our investment in technology. By logging in to Expedite®, our Order Management link makes it easy to place and track the status of your staffing requests.

    The request can also be programmed to be automatically sent to an "Approver" within your organization. This allows you to track who is requesting the staffing need and that it was appropriately approved.

    We love to create remarkable experiences... every person, every time.®

  • Customized Invoicing

    Ledgent offers numerous customized invoicing options to simplify processing. With options including online invoicing to reduce your paper burden and single source invoicing to consolidate all billing into one invoice, Ledgent is pleased to provide you with virtually unlimited flexibility.

    Your customized invoice choices include:

    • Online or traditional document invoicing (or combinations of each)
    • Individual or single source invoicing
    • Sorting by division, location, cost center, account code, line item, or any other metric
    • Conversion to your preferred file format
    • Retrieval and upload via an FTP server into PeopleSoft, GL, and A/P modules
    • And much more